How can we help staging your home

Why you need a Home Stager

Home Staging Consultation is an appointment where a professional will walk through your home  and they will give you tips and advice on how to improve the marketability of your home for sale. This usually should be done long before you will list your house.

The Home Staging Professional will be asking you about some important key points :

Your timeline, your budget,  and the goal, so that the plan is actually reasonable and feasible to carry out. The purpose of home staging is simply to achieve the following goals:

Make your home look as clean, well taken care of and updated as possible
Make your home look as bright and open as possible
Make your home look as big as possible
 and last but not least … to achieve the highest price for your home.
A seller should see the expenses of professional staging as ROI – return on investment! If you had a financial planner who could give you a return on investment of 5%, 10% or sometimes even 20%, wouldn’t you be over the moon and think that they were a genius? Well that is exactly what a stager can do for you. 

The home stager will create a mood. This is called “emotional” staging and will help the buyer to picture themselves in your home.


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